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THE MIRROR 24/2002
THE MIRROR 24/2002
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10. June 2002

Found food

30 years long John Banzhaf the tobacco companies fought, in order to wrest from them billion-remunerations. Now the US right professor has the almost Food industry in the visor.

Wit a high-speed lunch chain operates, must be hard in taking. Environmentalist and nourishing advisor, trade unionist and globalization opponent - all make the castle he kings responsible for the deformations of modern civilization.

The scolding scherte that so far few. Market leader McDonald's counters each criticism with reference to daily success: 45 million customer cannot err.

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But now it is only times past with the full leaving of the Big Mac managers. Since the name John Banzhaf is fallen, the industry bubbles like a Fritteuse. Banzhaf is recognized industrial fright - one, which defeated already completely different heavyweights.

The right professor of the George Washington university was once Vordenker of the complaints against the tobacco industry. Over 30 years long it fought the cigarette zigaretten-Multis. They were only forced to warning notes. Then TV advertisement was forbidden, smoking in airplanes, the cigarette sales to persons under age. Finally the inconceivable occurred: The powerful companies addition the injurious character of their products and to billion-remunerations were thundered.

Now Banzhaf has the almost Food industry in the visor, where he determines clear parallels: As is the case for the tobacco, then he means, causes also the high-speed lunch industry by its fat and sugar-rich products enormous social subsequent costs.

"why is by those is not carried, these food to use or produces?", he asks. Don't tax why thus such goods? Don't take part why the manufacturers in medical costs of fat craze?

Background of its campaign is alarming those high number of Dickleibigen in the country of the unlimited back parts. America bubbles in the own fat. Approximately 60 per cent of the adults and 13 per cent of the children and young people are considered as over weighty. Long the dress sizes do not make stop for no more with XXL - in each better department store there is X up to 3.

300,000 US citizens at the consequences of predominance die annually. Roughly 117 billion dollar in the year 2000 on the handling of typical consequences of the fat craze were output - ten times more, than the USA send as development assistance into hungernde countries.

In December struck of Americas highest national health guardian David Satcher alarm and explained Fettleibigkeit as the national epidemic disease. Since that time an increasing front is formed against the almost Food and lemonade manufacturers, which as one was constituted the mainguilty. A meal with McDonald's - Big Mac, large frits, small Cola - has nevertheless 1280 calories. Now Banzhaf considers, how the industry can be pulled for responsibility.

It the way would be dearest over the legislation. About, if with each piece Pizza the calorie number and the respective proportion of the daily fat requirement had to be indicated. But the millions at lobby funds, which the industry at politicians donates, make this way cumbersome.

Thus he to guesses/advises tested: Complaints against false product specification or contents materials.

McDonald's got this weapon even to feel. The multi recruited thereby, its frits in 100 per cent vegetable oil was prepared - and suggested thereby a vegetarian product. A pupil Banzhafs found out that potato cuts vorm freezing in rinderhaltigem oil are before-baked. Hereditary east submitted Harish Bharti, Indian lawyer from Seattle, collecting complaint in the name of all rear-been issued Hindus and vegetarians.

Result: McDonald's donated ten million dollar, apologized publicly and introduced a special "vegetarian advice".

Bharti is entzueckt lightup of its success. "now I want to clear up in the industry", announce he and submitted equal the next collecting complaint.

Pizza hat, which belongs like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell to the company konzern-Multi Yum of fire, has beef proportions in the cheese of its vegetarian Pizzen. Firm spokeswoman Julie Hildebrand stresses that the paste disks nowhere as vegetarian and deny also the reproaches were described: "we do not have a cattle product in our ' Veggie Lover's Pizza '." Bharti is sceptical: "McDonald's also denied at the start."

A collecting complaint over 50 million dollar besides in New York was submitted. With a Snack named "Pirate's Booty" should be false the fat specification. And in Florida the manufacturer of the Diaet ice "Big Daddy" is likewise accused of the fat lie.

Banzhaf is content with the rolling wave, but actually he wants large complaints. Most appropriately, in addition, it is most difficult, if one puts the costs of the national fat problem to the almost Food industry on. Only so, he believes, it to a reorientation would really come. Differently than the tobacco companies the almost Food and lemonade companies could change over to other products. "a modification of their product range would be not automatic existence-threatening", says it. Meal can with lower fat be produced, soda with art-sweet be provided.

For the fight against fat craze however it will be decisive whether succeeds curing to the industry aggressive recruiting children. With special offers and toy, playgrounds and music the small ones are lured into the branches, in hope that they remain long "fingerfood" faithful their life. "a fat cell, which formed once, always remains", says Banzhaf. "you does not make directly addicted, but it trachtet to be filled."

Almost Food chains penetrate ever more frequently in hospitals and schools. Via 30 per cent of all public High Schools in the USA by lunch chains are already supplied. Often it is forbidden to the children leaving the campus over noon - a found food for the industry.

The frit clown Ronald McDonald achieved, writes in the meantime a larger Bekanntheitsgrad than Mickey Mouse Eric fitter, author of the appetitzuegelnden book "almost Food nation", which kept itself lasting for weeks on the US best-seller list.

The industry goes meanwhile into defense attitude. Their line of defense: An American does not let himself be prescribed nevertheless, what he may eat.

The center for Consumer Freedom, which switched protection of interests of the restaurant operators, passed week a full-page newspaper advertisement under the slogan "you is too bloed", a lampoon against those, which want to take their favourite meal from the Americans away. National the soft drink Association finds extra taxation and banishing the beverage dispensers from schools "ineffective". With lemonade it is as with everything: The dosage counts: "if you too much carrots eat, do not do that also well."

Market leader McDonald's must sort meanwhile the own series and corrects a message, according to which firm representatives in France before the consumption would have warned to many Hamburg ones. "that is the opinion of an individual advisor", rudert enterprise spokeswoman Ann Rusniak Gallagher back. "we do not divide this opinion at all."



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